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Represent Reaper patch and name with integrity and loyalty, in accordance with our ideals, by-laws and ethos.

No Toxic behaviour, this includes but is not limited to; racism, sexism, homophobia, cheating, modding, scripts, modified game files and trash talk.

Respect our community, including members, allies, friends and guests of the club.

Respect and follow orders given to you by patches and officers.

Follow the clubs by-laws when in public sessions or participating in club events.




Our Charters:

Del Perro [PC](3PM ET / 12PM PT / 9PM CET)

Mirror Park [PC](9PM ET / 6PM PT / 3AM CET)

Elysian [PC](2AM ET / 11PM PT / 8AM CET)

Sandy Shores [PS4](5PM ET / 2PM PT / 11PM CET)
Nomad [PC](Ex-patched members that can no longer meet the activity requirement)

[PC] We have Teamspeak that we use for voice communication and discord that we use for general communication and forums for official club business.

Church occurs on Friday for Mirror Park and on Sunday for both Del Perro & Elysian at the times listed above.

[PS4] For the Sandy Shores Chapter Party Chat is used for communication.

National Church (Where all Charters meet) occurs on the date decided upon by the hosting charter.




No Passive mode ever.

Enemies are KOS.


No First Person*

Do not attack randoms unless acting in self-defence (if they raise weapon, shoot, kill or pursue you whilst on a mission).




Fighting 1%ers: Assault Rifles, Melee Weapons, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Sawed-Off/Double-Barreled/Pump Shotguns; Motorcycles only.
Fighting Randoms in public Freemode lobbies: Assault Rifles, Melee Weapons, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Sawed-Off/Double-Barreled/Pump Shotguns, Sniper Rifles (including Marksman Rifles), Machine Guns.

*Escalation Weapons: Sniper Rifles and Machine Guns are permitted to be used as Escalation Weapons against anyone using Sniper Rifles, Explosives, or Miniguns.

Explosives and Escalation Weapons: Permitted against Juggernauts and Armoured/Militarized/Weaponized vehicles including, but not limited to, Kurumas, Buzzards, Insurgents, Technicals, Hydras, and APCs.




Motorcycles to be used are LCC/Western:

- Liberty City Cycles: Avarus, Hexer, Innovation and Sanctus).
- The Western Motorcycle Company: Bagger, Cliffhanger, Daemon (both versions), Gargoyle, Nightblade, Rat Bike, Sovereign, Wolfsbane, Zombie Bobber and Zombie Chopper.

When on official rides you must ride in formation.

Vans, Trucks and Muscle cars etc* permitted in public sessions but we are an MC so your bike should always be your first choice.

Buzzard is permitted for CEO/VIP missions but only for purposes of completing the mission or self-defence whilst mission is occurring (once it is complete vehicle must be exited and club rules apply).

No Tanks, Hydras, APC, Insurgent, Karuma, or military vehicle to be used in public session.

Exceptions made for playlists/special missions (vehicles permitted as dictated by the mission – not to be used after the event has concluded).




Dress like a biker.

Patches and Prospects should display their patch

Hangarounds must properly represent us by wearing the crew emblem on an article of clothing whilst engaging in club activities(events, church, rides, general mayhem). They may not wear any kuttes or leather/tactical jackets.




Must play as a Hang Around for at least a week and attend at least one church before becoming eligible to prospect.

Once eligible to prospect YOU must seek out a sponsor (Patch w/ Silver Wings+, or Officer) whom you have gotten to know and is in the appropriate charter for your playtime. Approach the person who you want to prospect under and if they agree to sponsor you it will be made official at the next church.

It is your responsibility to add all REAP/18HA to your friends list.

You are not entitled to a vote at church – This is only afforded to those that have earned their patch.

As a Hang Around you are not subject to the activity requirement that patches and prospects are obliged to meet but if you are going to be inactive for a while let us know!


*General rule but exceptions may apply – see by-laws for clarification


The Reapers Motorcycle Club Bylaws
In the Jurisdiction of Grand Theft Auto Online, PC
Fourth Edition, November 2017


Established with the foundation of the club, with necessary amendments by consecutive club leaders.


Table of Contents


Article 1: Admittance
Article 2: Role-Playing
Article 3: Combat and Public Lobby Regulations
3.1: Rules of Engagement
3.2: Weapons
3.3: Vehicles
3.4: Attire
3.5: Representation
Article 4: Social Order and Expectations
Article 5: Events
Article 6: Church Club Meetings
Article 7: Voting and Polling Designation
Article 8: Disciplinary Action
8.1: Minor Infractions
8.2: Major Infractions
8.3: Removal from the Club
Article 9: Club Structure, Member Roles, and Responsibilities
9.1: Club Governance
9.2: Member Roles and Responsibilities
9.3: Non-Member Roles
9.4: Club Hierarchy



It is the purpose of these bylaws to preserve and protect the integrity, character, constituency, and ideals of the Reapers Motorcycle Club. Brotherhood, Fun, Fellowship, and Riding are the core values this document protects, under the responsibility of those sworn into this club. These articles shall always be open to revision, democratically, by the voting populace. It is expected that all members of the club review, understand, and abide by these bylaws, as negligence shall never be a valid excuse.


Article 1: Admittance

The Reapers Motorcycle Club is open to any motorcycle enthusiast, age 18 or over with a working microphone, who wants to be part of the Reapers MC brotherhood in GTA V Online on PC. It shall not discriminate against race, creed, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion.


Article 2: Role-Playing

Reapers MC is a light role-playing crew. It is expected of members to own and ride (a) motorcycle(s), wear the Reapers MC patch at all club functions and events, ride with the club, participate in club events, follow orders, and look like a biker. No individual shall ever leave a fellow brother behind.


Article 3: Combat and Public Lobby Regulations

3.1: Rules of Engagement

All members reserve the right to engage as long as the target is not friendly or shows signs of aggression or intent to endanger the welfare of the club’s members.

No Passive Mode: No Member should be in passive mode for any reason, ever.

Enemies are KoS (Kill on Sight), unless advised otherwise by the highest ranking EC member present.

We play in Third Person and do not use First Person. The exception being if there is a scenario where you are engaged with someone using it against you, in which case it's acceptable to respond with the same.

The use of EWO during combat situations for the purposes of respawning with full health and/or K/D preservation is not permitted.

Bounties on Randoms are free to pursue, but only to acquire the payout. After that, members are to disengage unless the targets continue aggression.

Freemode events which require attacking/killing other players allow engagement. At the conclusion of the event, members are to disengage unless the targets continue aggression.

Players in armoured/military vehicles approaching members of the club are free to be disabled/destroyed.

Fellow members are not to be considered targets unless it is stated as being part of the club activity (e.g. videos or competition).


All Randoms within the vicinity of VIP/CEO/MC work you are assisting with are KoS, but only to ensure the completion of the work. Afterwards, members are to move away from the targets and wait until/if they become aggressive before continuing to engage.

If the highest ranking EC member gives instructions to disengage from a target, then all present membership will do so no matter what state of contact the members are in. If the target continues aggression, explicit approval must be given from the EC officer before continuing to engage.

Any and all members found attacking other players unprovoked will be subject to any and all punishment befitting the crime as outlined in Article 8.

3.2: Weapons

Fighting 1%ers: Assault Rifles, Melee Weapons, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Sawed-Off/Double-Barreled/Pump Shotguns; Motorcycles only.

Fighting Randoms in public Freemode lobbies: Assault Rifles, Melee Weapons, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Sawed-Off/Double-Barreled/Pump Shotguns, Sniper Rifles (including Marksman Rifles), Machine Guns.

Escalation Weapons: Sniper Rifles and Machine Guns are permitted to be used as Escalation Weapons against anyone using Sniper Rifles, Explosives, or Miniguns.

Explosives and Escalation Weapons: Permitted against Juggernauts and Armoured/Militarized/Weaponized vehicles including, but not limited to, Kurumas, Buzzards, Insurgents, Technicals, Hydras, and APCs.


The term "Club Rules" encompasses the weapons listed under the “Fighting 1%ers” section.

You may use Explosive Rounds with the Heavy Sniper Rifle as a situational, reactionary escalation method to counter sturdy vehicles.

A special provision allows members on foot to use a Last Resort Pipe Bomb if deemed necessary, which is determined when permitted conventional weapons are unable to neutralize a threat. Appropriate use includes situations comparable to when a counter is needed for an enemy who is on a roof or is camping a concealed area.

You may participate in all Gunrunning/Hangar missions as long as you do not use banned weapons offensively against players. They are to be used exclusively to complete a mission’s objectives as required, and for no longer than that mission’s duration.

No Minigun is to be used in public sessions in any circumstance other than during the Gunrunning mission which requires it.

Missions/Heists occurring in job screens are not subject to the above regulations, and weapons should be used as dictated by the job or as you see necessary to complete the objective.

3.3: Vehicles

Liberty City Cycles:





The Western Motorcycle Company:



Daemon (both versions)



Rat Bike



Zombie Bobber

Zombie Chopper

During official rides, the active Charter’s President (or highest ranking Officer present) will lead the ride unless otherwise ordered by the President. The ride will be ordered from front to back, left to right, by EC, Officers, Patched members, Prospects, Hangarounds, guests, then Tail Gunner.

Other Vehicles
Vans, Trucks, Muscle and other non-Super Cars are permitted in public sessions, but as we are an MC, your bike should always be your priority.

No Tanks, Hydras, APCs, Insurgents, Kurumas, or other militarized vehicles are to be used in public session.


The Technical can be used as anti-aircraft defense.

The Buzzard is permitted for CEO/VIP missions, but only for either the purpose of completing the mission, or of self-defense while the mission is in progress (once it is completed, the vehicle must be exited and club rules apply).

The Dune FAV/Dune Buggy is allowed, but only with the MG weapon upgrade.

CEO/VIP/MC/Gunrunning/Hangar missions - All vehicles required by the mission are permitted, but they are not to be used offensively against other players. They are to be used exclusively to complete a mission’s objectives as required, and for no longer than that mission’s duration.


Along with club-approved bikes, Tail Gunners may use multi-passenger vans during official rides.

Missions/Heists occurring in job screens are not subject to the above regulations, and vehicles should be used as dictated by the job or as you see necessary to complete the objective.

3.4: Attire

Outfit: Dress like a biker. Don't wear excessively bold colours! Be unique within the Brotherhood. A formal outfit may be required during formal events (such as Church) at the discretion of the present EC. A formal outfit is defined as a biker outfit fitting within the RP-style, with no overly outrageous elements.

Armour: No visible armour is permitted. Body armour is allowed (Blue Bar).

Helmets: Biker-Style Helmets - Biker DLC and Smuggler’s Run combat helmets (without attachments) are permitted in Freemode, but not in official combat or TDMs/Playlists. No military-style bulletproof helmets.

3.5: Representation

All members are to have their active crew as ‘REAPERS MC’ during the duration of their membership.
Members/Prospects MUST wear their club vest at all club functions and events.
Members/Prospects may not, under any circumstances, wear the patch of any other club or crew. Doing so will result in expulsion from the club.
Hangarounds are not to wear the '18HA' patch on a kutte or jacket. Rather, they are to wear the patch on a t-shirt or hoodie. Hangarounds are permitted to wear a kutte or jacket, but must not equip the ’18HA’ patch on the back.

Private/Invite-Only sessions are exempt from all the regulations listed in Articles 3.1-3.4.


Article 4: Social Order and Expectations

Reapers speak with actions, not words. Reapers do not engage in taunting or disrespectful conversation with enemy crews and/or randoms whenever representing the club on ANY platform.
No member shall be permitted to use GTA in-game voice chat to communicate with hostile targets or persons slandering the integrity of the club. This also applies to friendly conversation with fellow members, or those who are not acting in a threatening manner. Members should instead opt for club-wide Discord or TeamSpeak chat/servers for club-wide communications.
TeamSpeak use is mandatory, and requires a working microphone. Forum use is required for National votes and communication. Discord is also used for more generalised communication.

Article 5: Club Events

Regional Charters will hold 5 club events weekly at their designated Charter’s playtime.
The Charter’s EC/Officers will lead these events.
All club events are planned by the club at Church.
Any Patched member may plan and hold an event at any time outside of the Charters’ playtimes.

Article 6: Church Club Meetings

National Church will be held at the end of every month, hosted by the EC of each Charter on an alternating basis.

Regional Charters will hold a Church meeting at the same day and time weekly as listed below:


Mirror Park: Friday at 9PM ET / 6PM PT / 4AM CET

Del Perro: Sunday at 3PM ET / 12PM PT / 9PM CET

Elysian: Saturday at 2AM ET / 11PM PT / 8AM CET

National Church will start with a ride to the presiding Charter’s clubhouse from a location designated by the presiding Road Captain.
Prospects and Hangarounds may be present during club discussions at the President’s discretion, but will not vote.
Prospects and Hangarounds will be removed from the discussion during the closed door portion of Church where Patched members discuss current Prospects, Hangarounds, and sponsorships. At this time, votes will be held regarding Prospects being patched in, continuing their Prospecting period, or being kicked from the club.
EC Officers will each address the club to update membership on the past week's activities.
Club business will be discussed and votes will be held.
An open floor will be held just before the end of every Church for any Patched member to bring up anything and/or call for a vote on any club matter. Prospects and Hangarounds may participate at the President’s discretion.
A ride will be held after Church to a location designated by the Road Captain or presiding Officer.

Article 7: Voting and Polling Designation

All decisions affecting the club will be VOTED on at Church (the club’s weekly meeting) by the present membership in accordance with the bylaws. No one person can ever become more important to the club, which is always held in the highest regard, and under the protection of the bylaws, which are held with the highest honour above ANY individual.

Eligibility: The voting membership, or FULL MEMBERS, consists of only patched members who wear the ‘REAPERS MC’ patch on the back of their club vest. Prospects and Hangarounds are not permitted to vote until they earn their Patch. In the event of a tie vote, the presiding President’s vote shall become the deciding vote. Voting must be done either on the forums or IN PERSON at the WEEKLY MEETING or via proxy vote to another FULL MEMBER who will be present at the WEEKLY MEETING, dependant upon how and where the vote is hosted.

Polling Designation: Votes will be held at Church on designated days at a designated location, specified by the respective Charter’s Executive Committee. Church meetings are a required club activity. All club business will be discussed and every FULL MEMBER will be able to bring up topics and call for a club vote if the situation permits. Votes can also be held on the forums in case of emergency votes.

Article 8: Disciplinary Action

Any allegation of individual(s) found breaking bylaws (including any Executive Committee member), shall be brought to the attention of the Charter President (or the Council if the Regional Charter President is unable to complete their duties or is the subject of such allegation(s)).

Situations with special circumstances reserve the right to be handled by the current available highest ranking Officer with communication to the Council for review, before being brought to the attention of the voting populous.

8.1: Minor Infractions

Minor infractions is the responsibility of the Charter EC and officers in which time a pacifier will be issued and the punishment will be determined this can include but not limited to:
Reciting the bylaw which was broken.
A task, assignment, or stipulation decided by the Charter Officers and EC.
Demotion from an Executive Committee or Officer position.

This Patch is used as punishment for insubordination or minor misconduct. Aside from just a Pacifier, shit-talking will now negate your eligibility for earning a Middle Finger during the fight it occurred. Pacifiers distributed will now be removed upon completion of a punishment bestowed upon the offending party.

8.2: Major Infractions

The following behaviour will result in suspension, an in-depth review of the charges herein, and a possible permanent ban from Reapers Motorcycle Club (if the situation permits) immediately without being called to a club-wide vote at the discretion of an Executive Committee member (listed under the following infractions):


MODDING/CHEATING: Found guilty of cheating or modding in-game.

AWOL: Leaving the club (Social Club crews) without attending Church (or informing an Officer) and without a satisfactory explanation.

TOXIC GAMEPLAY: Being a toxic player by participating in the following (including but not being limited to): racism, hate speech, sexism, trolling, harassment, and bigotry. This includes the disruption of other members’ VIP/CEO/MC work and intentional damage to club members’ property (in spite/bad taste).

BYLAW NEGLIGENCE: Betraying the club in any way by violating any of the bylaws.

DENIAL TO REPRESENT/UNLAWFUL REPRESENTATION: Not wearing the club Patch or Prospect Patch in public lobbies, or displaying the Patch and representing the crew in a manner which is distasteful or in blatant disregard for the club’s values, interests of its members, and/or bylaws.

INACTIVITY: Not fulfilling the activity standards.

UNLAWFUL AUTHORITY: Dethroning and/or pulling a Patch unjustly (without a Charter-wide vote), or appointing someone to a position within the club without the proper approval.

FAVOURITISM: Excluding members of their responsibility to abide by the bylaws and/or issue a pardon, without repercussion (or under duress) of those responsible.

The list of offences will be made public to the club (on the forum) and the club will vote. At the Council's discretion, extremely dire and urgent matters may be handled during an emergency hearing or during the monthly National Church meeting.
The club’s Executive Committee has the authority to charge any member of breaking any bylaw. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the member may be removed from all Social Club crews immediately, a TeamSpeak ban issued, followed by a club-wide vote that will promptly take place.

8.3: Removal from the Club

Any member who leaves the club or is removed will be subject to a club wide vote, for the duration of 48 hours to determine their standing with the Reapers. The format of the vote is listed below:


(86) Patch pulled/demotion to a Hangaround, with the opportunity to re-Prospect after attending 3 Church meetings and gaining a new Sponsor.

(BL) Blacklisted; Expelled from the club permanently (Patch pulled without the opportunity to re-Prospect).

(DB) Douchebagged; will never be allowed to rejoin Reapers MC, will not be allowed to join allies or hang around us, will be removed from our friends lists, will not be spoken to, and will be KoS.


Article 9: Executive Committee, Member Roles, and Club Governance Responsibilities

9.1: Club Governance

The club is to be governed by a Council of six consisting of Presidents of the Charters and one elected EC member of their choice. Each regional Charters’ Executive Committee shall be comprised of up to five members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms) who will be elected by either a club vote of all Patch members or appointed by the respective Charter President. The Executive Committee shall operate together to ensure that the Reapers Motorcycle Club is a united Brotherhood, under one set of bylaws. Executive Committee members will be required to attend three club events, an Executive Committee meeting, and a Church meeting every week. In the case of an opening or the need to replace an Executive Committee position, it will be at the discretion of the Charter President to determine whether to have an election or an appointment.

9.2: Member Roles and Responsibilities

Ranking and responsibility for the Executive Committee (EC) on the regional level shall be as follows:

President: Presides over all Charter meetings and affairs, as well as appoints members to Officer positions within the Charter. It is the President’s responsibility to ensure all Officers are doing their job properly, and to replace Officers as he sees fit. The President will be responsible for temporarily serving in any open position until it has been filled, either by election or by Presidential appointment. The President will be responsible for speaking on behalf of their Charter’s members, with the interests of the members in mind, to any person or group outside its constituency.

Vice President: Assumes all responsibilities of the President if or when the President is unable to fulfil his obligation to the club, due to either absence or adjournment.

Treasurer: Monitors members’ earnings and keeps the coffers full by organising events in-game to generate income.

Secretary: Handles the paperwork and takes Church notes, which are posted for public display. May also be responsible for notation of agendas within the Charter, as well as conferring with the other Charter Secretaries to compile a monthly National Charter agenda.

Sergeant at Arms: Primary enforcer of the bylaws. Responsible for making sure the actions of the EC are within the provisions of the club bylaws. Handles Prospect matters; the primary resource for all Prospects and Hangarounds looking to join. The Sergeant at Arms can also recommend prospective Enforcers to the President for appointment. Organises and conducts PvP events and training sessions.

Activity Requirement: All Officers listed in this section must attend three club events and their respective Church meeting weekly.

Ranking and responsibility for Officer roles shall be as follows:

Clerk(s): (To be appointed at the discretion of the respective Charter President.) Works under an EC member to help with paperwork, notes, and forum work.

Enforcer(s): Responsible for enforcement of bylaws of all members, as well as bringing any infractions of said bylaws to the attention to those in violation. Report(s) directly to the Sergeant at Arms.

Road Captain: Handles the rides and enforces the rules of the road. Makes sure all members handle bikes properly, as well as plans out rides and helps with race events. They may also be called upon to lead a ride, if asked to do so by the highest ranking member of their respective EC who is present.

Tail Gunner: Reports to the Road Captain and rides in the back of the formation, enforcing the rules of the road.

Wise One: (To be appointed at the discretion of the respective Charter  President.) Works with the EC and the members of the club to help ensure everyone is working together to attain the club’s goals. Also there to be an open ear for any and all club members with issues they wish to discuss discreetly.

Activity Requirement: All Officers listed in this section must attend two club events and their respective Church meeting weekly.

Ranking and responsibility for the rest of the constituency shall be as follows:

Full Members/Patched Members: Responsible for abiding by the bylaws and maintaining and building the club, as well as being a mentor to Prospects and Hangarounds. Patched members must make an effort to attend club events and Church meetings and use their right to VOTE at Church. They must attend one club event and their respective Church meeting weekly.

Nomad: A full Patched member who has been voted in by their respective Charter into the Nomad Charter. The Nomad Patch is reserved for members who have earned the club’s trust and are not required to attend events or meetings. Nomads must have either their Silver Wings (3 months in the club) or have served as an Officer and be in good standing. Nomads do not have a vote at the Charter level, though they do have a vote at the National level.
The temporary role of 'Sponsor' shall be defined as follows: A Sponsor must guide a Prospect through their Prospecting period. This is a voluntary and temporary duty which is permitted by any Patched member of 3 or more months service (those who possess Silver Wings), an Officer of the Charter, or with the explicit permission and/or direction of the respective Charter’s President. They will call a vote at Church to bring a Prospect into the club once they feel the Prospect has satisfactory experience and has completed the objectives illustrated on the forum Prospecting checklist. The Sponsor is solely responsible for this decision to bring the individual forward for a Charter-wide vote. In the case where the Sponsor becomes unavailable to continue, it shall be decided by the Charter President whether to continue the Prospect period or make the Prospect restart after finding another Sponsor.

9.3: Non-Member Roles

Prospect: A probationary membership within the club, responsible for abiding by the bylaws to prove their loyalty to the club. During their Prospecting period they will be asked to stand guard, run club errands, and anything else a Patched member requests (within reason; as long as it is club-oriented). The Prospecting period will last as long as it takes for the full voting constituency to agree that a Prospect is ready to be Patched (with an attendance history of no less than one month). A Prospect’s probationary period may be terminated at any time by either their respective Sponsor or a member of the Executive Committee.

Hangaround: A friend/supporter of the club or a transitionary phase to determine if the club is a good fit. Despite being associated with the club, Hangarounds are not held to the same standards that Prospects are in that they do not need to meet activity requirements. They must attend no less than one Church meeting (with a minimum of 1 week) to become eligible for Sponsorship to become a Prospect. They are required to follow orders from Patched members and the Executive Committee. They are not sworn members of the club and can be removed at any time by an Executive Committee member (or by the direction of Patched members, brought to the attention of an Executive Committee member).

A non-member who is known to the community may be vouched for eligibility to Prospect. This must be discussed and agreed upon at Church, followed by an official vote and in favour by the overwhelming majority, before being allowed to Prospect for the club.

9.4: Club Hierarchy

Reaper Council
To maintain integrity and consistency in all Charters of the club, the Reaper Council is formed by each regional Charter President, plus an EC member of their choosing.
The Reaper Council will ensure standards are being maintained, as well as discuss major issues which may impact the club.
The Council will oversee and maintain the Prospect and Hangaround crews.
The Council will be called into session regarding club decisions which may affect more than one Charter. This includes all Hangarounds to be Prospected and all members being considered for removal.
The Council will keep an open line of communication between each regional Charter EC for all official club business.
The Council will meet at least once per month to discuss club business and touch base on regional Charter statuses.

Regional Charters
Regional Charters have mandated play times when they hold their events and their Church.
Regional EC has full jurisdiction over all Patched members both in their Charter and/or in another.
Regional EC will be responsible for posting Church agendas and notes in a timely manner for club review.
A Regional Charter may be started with a Council vote and a minimum of 5 members, including a President and a Sergeant at Arms.
All Regional Presidents are entitled to a seat on the Council.
All Regional Sergeants will work collectively with each other and report to the Council as needed.