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eapers MC was founded in GTA V Online on January 25th, 2015, by RadSwede, and Xthunter. Radswede oversaw the PC side, while Xthunter oversaw the PS3/PS4 side of operations. Joined by the likes of Infamouslogan, Smokey McPot, and Hawk, the club began to flourish with the principles of competitive fair play, friendship, and loyalty, all the while spreading mayhem in Los Santos and across Blaine County.

On forming the club, Radswede stated, “I wanted a brotherhood that was structured by laws, a code of conduct and to be able to always have a brother rocking the same patch riding alongside me. To organize events, ride in formation, form alliances and fight wars. To make video content and to grow into several charters. That was my vision, and by the help of the hard-working brothers of this club, that has happened. I am very proud and grateful for that.”

A staunch representative of the 1% MC lifestyle, the club had no shortage of enemies though the years, battling against other motorcycle clubs jealous of the Reapers’ success, and even at times coming to blows with former allies who had forsaken the Reapers. Early wars against clubs like Abyssus Motorcycle Club and the Wasps Motorcycle Club only strengthened the resolve of the Reapers to grow and thrive. Wars with Rejects MC, Sinners MC, Kings Legion, the Triads, and AAMC also occurred, and later, war with Cursed Crooks and the Infernal Punks Motorcycle clubs broke out.

Reapers were no strangers to long-running battles across San Andreas. One battle with the Punks lasted eight hours – another battle against the Cursed Crooks lasted twelve hours.

The Reapers and the Infernal Punks had long been allies and friends, but after a reformation on the IPMC side, the relationship soured, and the Punks took the first shot. Fortunately, the Reapers found allies in the Skeleton Crew Motorcycle Club, along with Spiritus Liber MC. War raged on through the summer of 2017, with regular skirmishes occurring well into 2018.

When the Reapers first started out, there was only one charter. Eventually, as the ranks grew, more charters were formed based on playtimes and club size. Charters such as Paleto Bay, Chumash, Vinewood, Strawberry, and Harmony (both versions) came and went, with the club eventually establishing charters in down at the beaches of Del Perro, the dock districts of Elysian, and the suburbs of Mirror Park.

Over time, what was born as Reapers MC grew into something larger than just the confines of Grand Theft Auto Online. Forays into Fallout 76, Atlas, the Elder Scrolls online, and the Division 2 served to broaden the club’s horizons, with Reapnation looking forward and ahead to what they as a club, as a family will accomplish.

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‘Tis the Season!

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High Noon Showdown Results!

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Bredant Enters the Fold

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Fishing Shack Now Open!

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What do Reapers prefer to use in battle? That answer is as varied as our members are. Rifles and shotguns top the list, of course.

Firestorm – Pump Shotgun/Special Carbine
Unster – Special Carbine/Sawed off Shotgun
Smokey – Carbine Rifle
Six – Advanced Rifle

On favorite bikes – everyone in Reapers MC has their own personal preference when it comes to their favorite bike. Some charters have gone so far as to unofficially pick a specific bike (ie. Mirror Park and the Nightblade), while others have left it up to personal preference. Regardless, each member put a lot of time and effort into unique and artistic bike designs.

Smokey – Zombie Chopper
Unster – Western Daemon
Radswede – Bagger
Firestorm – Bagger
Six – Nightblade
Locke – Zombie Bobber