On January 5th, Reapers MC celebrated our 3 year anniversary since its formation on PS3 in 2015. We have endured everything the MC community and Rockstar have thrown at us and we will continue to set the gold standard of what an MC on GTA should resemble. Also a big thank you to all the allies and friends of the club for sticking with us through the good and bad! Here are some pictures and videos of how Reapers MC celebrated its third year of Mayhem!      

On Tuesday the Reapers MC took took their skills to the silver screen when they shot scenes for a short story based film. Reapers MC love nothing more than riding on bikes, drinking beer and cracking skulls, which is exactly what the video involves. The video will be published soon, but until then enjoy these screenshots from the day.  

Reapers MC have been adopting the fitting theme of Halloween and have hosted some Halloween themed events. My personal favourite has to go to Grim! This is an epic shot of Nomad Grim_Fel.

Reapers MC is glad to welcome our newest patched members into the Del Perro chapter! Congratulations to Weyn, Iron & Phantom! It isn’t easy to make it into our club, the prospect phase is long and dedication is required. They have all proven themselves worthy to wear the Reaper. Welcome brothers!

Last week the streets of Los Santos and surrounding areas rumbled as a procession of three motorcycle clubs: Hell Riders MC, Skeleton Crew MC, and Reapers MC converged for a large biker meet. The day was spent tearing up the streets and backroads… …a healthy dose of mayhem and raising hell… …all wrapped up with some good ole’ hang out time back at the clubhouse. Thank you to everyone who showed up and make this an awesome and fun meet-up, and special thanks to HRMC for reaching out to organize and host it.

  We are proud to announce Six-VI as the new Vice President for the Elysian chapter of Reapers MC. Having earned his Patch in March of 2017, Six has been a loyal and integral part of Elysian’s operations, having served as Sgt. at Arms for an extensive tenure.