Watch it here! Reapers MC always encourages it’s members to try their hand at creating new content for our club, whether it be videos, artwork or anything in between!

Del Perro are extremely happy to welcome back our brother and former Nomad, H4GGLE! It’s always great to see Nomads return to activity and we are pleased to have him amongst our ranks in Del Perro!

Saturday 19th we attended a bike meet with our good friends in Mongrel Pack MC and Cursed Crooks MC! After a meet and greet, we went on a ride that culminated in a bike show & competition followed by some friendly bare knuckle fights! Big thanks to Mongrel Pack MC for hosting and inviting us to the meet!

Reapers MC & Skeleton Crew MC have been fighting side by side against 99% Motorcycle Club, Infernal Punks. The usual tactics employed by said enemy Club, involve inviting mercenary and military type crews to aid them with hydras and armored vehicles. Well, those crews must of taken the day off tonight as the Infernal Punks MC were soundly defeated in another battle that took place in key areas of Los Santos including Mirror Park and outside of Arcadius. Fear the Reaper!

After a week of deliberation, Harmony has voted in Firestorm as their new President. Having held the Presidential position for both Vinewood and National, Firestorm is no stranger to the leadership role. Fear the Reaper!