Last week the streets of Los Santos and surrounding areas rumbled as a procession of three motorcycle clubs: Hell Riders MC, Skeleton Crew MC, and Reapers MC converged for a large biker meet. The day was spent tearing up the streets and backroads… …a healthy dose of mayhem and raising hell… …all wrapped up with some good ole’ hang out time back at the clubhouse. Thank you to everyone who showed up and make this an awesome and fun meet-up, and special thanks to HRMC for reaching out to organize and host it.

  We are proud to announce Six-VI as the new Vice President for the Elysian chapter of Reapers MC. Having earned his Patch in March of 2017, Six has been a loyal and integral part of Elysian’s operations, having served as Sgt. at Arms for an extensive tenure.

Elysian would like to congratulate BjornHafdauthr as our newest Tailgunner. We have no doubt that Bjorn will carry out the duties of a tailgunner to the best of his ability and we look forward to your continuous contribution to our club. Fear the Reaper!!!

The following is artwork I completed this weekend. This is available for use for anything you guys want. I know they aren’t Digital render but I added my line work versions so everyone can use it.               All I ask is let me know when you use, I love seeing what everyone makes using these.   Bjorn Hafdauthr