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We’re back! After a brief hiatus, the Reapers have left the streets of Los Santos and traded their bikes for horses in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online on PC. The club’s foray into the Wild West was a rocky one what with frequent disconnects, crashes, and launcher error plagues, but once we were able to saddle up, we made ourselves right at home.

This week…
Unster cleaned out the entire club with his stern poker face, Acid caught a 20 pound fish, Darkness expressed deep and utter sadness at being able to skin everything he hunted save for bounty hunter marks, Soph hit the tailor for some fine bespoke ladieswear, Penguin adopted a donkey named “Jorge”, Six discovered pomade for his hair, Locke might have finally realized who the Sabre Turbos were, Volc managed to make everyone uncomfortable with his bear hugs, Scofield was elated at the revelation that he would never have to type a single key to communicate in-game due to the game’s VOIP, Vice managed to change his outfit more than Lunatic changed his hair in GTA, Murphy decided to test the theory that bears actually do prefer non-vegan random players for dinner, Fango realized he fucked up when he punched a random NPC in St. Denis and then immediately getting jumped by 8 of his homies and getting pummeled to death, Copperhead managed to pissed off every skinny lunger in Valentine and decreased the mortality rate of the Marshal profession.

It’s good to be back.

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